We help companies to disrupt.


Therefore the mother of all strategic questions is:

How can we make our Cash-Cow irrelevant?

Of course not to drive oneself out of market, but to disrupt the market  – before the inevitable happens and someone else does.

To accomplish this, we combine the best of both worlds.

Start-Up World

BREAK / THROUGH ventures for Start-Up-World

  • Fast and lean processes
  • User-centered design thinking
  • Moonshot mindset

Corporate World

BREAK / THROUGH ventures for Corporate world

  • Strategy & Analysis
  • Number crunching & financials
  • Execution leverage

First we build a fictional and disruptive competitor gunning at your core business.

Imagine a talented team of entrepreneurs that takes an outsider’s view of your market. What opportunities would they see? We start from scratch with a blank sheet, deliberately ignoring all existing parameters and any unwritten rules. With some of your best talents we literally build fictional competitors disrupting your market.

That create results with big impact.

97% of our clients confirm that we have achieved the project objectives – more than 85% return.




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